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Inspired by fst, seventhfonons is an FST/fansingle community dedicated soley to Namco's Tales of the Abyss.

An FST (fan soundtrack) is exactly what its name implies; a soundtrack for a particular fandom made by a fan. Fans are to create unique albums by compiling songs into one album inspired by whatever theme is presented every month. A fansingle is the exact same thing only rather than posting an album's length of songs, there are instead only two to three songs, much like a typical artist's single album.


o1; This community and all of its posts are members-locked. You will not be able to see or post unless you join the community. All posts in seventhfonons must be friends locked. This is to prevent hotlinking, bandwith stealing and avoid other issues that could arise from music sharing. The only exceptions are monthly theme posts by the mods and polls.

o2; seventhfonons is a themed community, however, we are also willing to host any and all FST's as long as they are Tales of the Abyss related in some way.

Challenges are posted at either the first week of the designated month, or the last week of the preceeding month. Challenges end on midnight of the last day of the month; FST's posted more than a day late will be deleted with a warning. Any FST's posted on the first day of the new month that belong to the previous month's theme will not be deleted, but instead will not be archived.

FST's not relating to the monthly theme are instead archived in a broader category.

o3; There is no claiming system in place; anyone is free to make FST's about whatever they please. While blatant copying will not be tolerated, it is perfectly fine to make an FST about the same subject as someone else. However, with that in mind, there will be no extensions granted; challenges end on the first day of the next month, and there are no exceptions. Any late FST's will not be archived with the rest.

o4; The subject header of every post must contain the following:


The month is exactly what it means; the month you are posting under. If your album exceeds four songs, you are to place it under the single category; any more than that warrants the SOUNDTRACK tag in the second field. The theme is the theme that coincides with that particular month, and the focus is whatever you are focusing your FST on. An example header would look like this: (MAY) (SOUNDTRACK) (ANYTHING GOES) (SIX GOD-GENERALS). You are free to alter and change the order and formatting up a bit, but the aforementioned information MUST remain in tact.

o5; To avoid any technical issues, all music contained must be in either MP3 or M4A formatting; whatever it is you pick, you must remain consistant with the selected file type throughout the FST. It is preferred and reccomended that you use Mp3 format, as it is the most universal. It would also be recommended that you state it somewhere if your FST is in M4A format.

o6; Music must be uploaded to a filesender or to your own file host. Direct linking of music will not be tolerated. If you find that someone is directly linking to music, or that your post is being directly linked to, you are asked to inform the moderators immediately.

o7; Cover art is encouraged but optional. It must go under an LJ cut, however. It is reccomended that you obtain permission before using fanart for cover art, however, you will not be penalized in any way, shape, or form for using it. The same applies to doujinshi.

o8; Unless it is stated otherwise, comment if you are taking someone's FST. While a ton of feedback is not necessary, a simple "Taking!" will suffice.

o9; This is not an Mp3 request community, do not request Mp3's. Ever.

1o; All musical languages and genres are allowed; not just English and Japanese. Off-vocal versions of songs are not required for fansingles.

11; There are no defined rules as to what an FST may or may not contain; while a typical FST has 10-15 songs on average, in the end, it is entirely up to the one compiling it. However, it is asked that once you have more than four songs in your album, you tag the subject as SINGLE rather than SOUNDTRACK. Five-song soundtracks or five-disk epic rock ballads, the length, content, and interpretation of the theme for your FST are all yours.


This section contains links to the past monthly challenges and all of the FST's and fansingles that were posted on time and are on file. The current theme is always marked by an orange star and may or may not contain an active link to its archive, depending upon the theme's age.

07 - MAY » Anything Goes


seventhfonons is currently run by discover; feel free to contact her if there are any issues that need to be resolved. All FST's and cover art are property of their respective posters and may not be redistributed without their permission. Layout is from snubicons and was edited by discover. Rules and community in general were both inspired by fst.