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June 2007
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Late? Me? Never. Little announcement time around! First off:

seventhfonons will now host not just theme-related FST's, but all available Abyss FST's. Because what's the point of a fandom-exclusive FST if the whole fandom can't partake? Meaning that any and all FST's you can come up with, not just theme-related ones, are free for posting. Posts of old FST's are allowed as well.


Because summer = sun = sunburns, which are red! Doesn't my logic win? This theme centers around red and anything related; characters' haircolors, eye colors, arte colors, Cheagle colors that you never saw but thought would be super cool, anything imaginable! This theme is yours to interpret so go crazy with it. Just remember to flock your entry and have a good time. ♥

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Greetings! I'd like to use the first post in seventhfonons to welcome everyone. Like it says in numerous places, seventhfonons is a Tales of the Abyss-centric fan soundtrack community. Like all FST communities, we have a monthly theme, and just because we've opened in the middle of the month doesn't mean we're devoid of a theme for May!


Since we're halfway through the month and weaving a good FST together to coincide with a theme takes quite some time, this month's theme is very lax; any FST or fansingle you want or can think of, you can post. Reposts of old FST's are fine (though it would be nice you could make sure the links are working), as are new ones. As the theme says, anything you can think of for Tales of the Abyss is free game.

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